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AI driven Snotra
Real-time Monitoring Control System

Artificial intelligence-based real-time equipment anomaly detection system that does not need human intervention.

Detect signs of anomaly occurence in real time such as vibration/temperature/current data of equipment with artificial intelligence. Predictive maintenance accuracy is greatly improved!

What can you take away from AI driven Snotra RMCS?

2022 Korea Display Industry Association, next-generation display process/equipment/material industry project demonstration.

4th industrial revolution, next-generation display equipment status autonomous management, health management, real-time predictive maintenance management.
* Hoseo University Industry-University Lab Room Display Equipment Vacuum Pump Demonstration

* Expanded process monitoring of display equipment.

Real-time equipment anomaly symptom detection by AI, real-time cause analysis, automatic extraction of influencing factors, and alarm

Maintenance aspect: autonomous statistics by artificial intelligence. No need for a separate human SPEC setup and no coding required to build.

Accuracy: Equipped with the world's first AI-based False Alarm autonomous prevention algorithm

Features: AI-based real-time multivariate & univariate SPC and complex symptom detection such as real-time time series prediction.

24/7, accurate real-time anomaly detection by Artificial Intelligence.

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