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AI driven Snotra
Advanced Process Control

The artificial intelligence recommends and control how to work optimally.

The artificial intelligence converts difficult optimal process conditions with an ease!

What AI driven Snotra APC offers its users?

Safe, high quality process control that only artificial intelligence can do.

AI driven Snotra APC is a software that automatically analyses the measurement results by artificial intelligence and automatically recommends the optimal process conditions (recipe) for the next process.

It is characterised by technology that autonomously prevents quality accidents through AI reinforcement learning in the environment.

The evolution of control model in AI reinforcement learning method.

AI driven Snotra APC provides a high-level autonomous control function that allows artificial intelligence to access the customer's quality specifications in any environment, and also provides a framework that allows the customer's control algorithm to be additionally plug-in.

Simple System Identification Only! Reduce setup time and minimise construction cost.

AI driven Snotra APC simply requires system identification, and then artificial intelligence autonomously creates a control model and is a packaged solution that does not require any extra effort. (No DOE and No programming).

Maintenance is also done by Artificial Intelligence! Minimisation of TCO.

AI driven Snotra APC eliminates the maintenance effort of manual statistical analysis, DOE, and program modification frequently occurring in conventional process control whenever the process is changed. AI driven Snotra APC enables seamless process control even in changing processes which dramatically reduces that quality cost and maintenance cost of customers.

Advanced control model application, AI reforcement learning model evolution.

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