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AI driven Snotra Virtual Metrology

Real-time prediction that AI learns by itself  even if the external contexts change.

An accurate prediction with dynamic model update.

What AI driven Snotra VM offers to its users?

In the mass production, small-volume measurement, and multi-variety variable production, AI is possible. Resulting in shortening of the lead time of research lab development.AI driven Snotra VM, an artificial intelligence based virtual measurement product, also finds key process parameters that affected process performance in real time.

The autonomous AI corrector engine is installed in changing processes.

AI driven Snotra VM is a virtual measurement solution that makes predictions based on artificial intelligence while monitoring accuracy in realtime with artificial intelligence and self-learning with artificial intelligence.

AI driven Snotra VM solves frequent modeling and maintenance problems caused by product and process changes on site noise, which is a disadvantage of the existing virtual measurement system.

AI driven Snotra VM solves chronic problems of existing process control and equipment abnormality detection systems at once.

Securing 100% of the measurement results in advance by AI driven Snotra VM is not only a groundbreaking benefit in terms of quality analysis performance, but it can also bring incomparable effects to existing systems in process control that optimises process conditions only when there are measurement results. In addition, the false alarm making decision problem, which is a wakness of the existing equipment anomaly detection system, can be remarkably accurate with the help of the future measurement prediction function of AI driven Snotra VM.

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AI Robot for providing future quality trends

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