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AI driven Snotra Machine Learning

Domain based, field driven Machine Learning Solution with automated Data Scientist's tasks, manufacturing fields execution driven machine learning.

What AI driven Snotra ML offers to its users ?


Discover manufacturing insights through data exploration, analysis and visualisation. The intelligent smart factory requires highly reliable artificial intelligece, and smart factory's essentials are to secure high quality equipment and process data. AI driven Snotra ML uses artificial intelligence to automate monitoring, diagnostics, forecasting, control and management processes.


AI driven Snotra ML Machine Learing is easy, fast and accurate.

Domain centred, field driven ML solution.

" Manufacturing site execution machine learning that automates the work of data scientists."

Easier, faster and more accurate than AutoML.

In a Smart Factory, there is a big data analysis so if you desire quick results, trial, error time

and cost of machine learning modeling under data collection must be minimised. AI driven Snotra ML

is a solution to these problems AI driven Snotra solution enables machine learning in a simple way as simple as a mouse click without coding. AI driven Snotra ML have built-in-high-level machine learning methods optimised for the characteristics of the manufacturing floor, enabling flexible and powerful data science!

High-performance Robotic Process Automation for ML

By automating dataset auto-generation and data preprocessing algorithms, data analysis algorithms,

and feature engineering algorithms, users can quickly and accurately create high-quality models 

without a high-level data scientist.

Cross Platform Support

Simultaneous support for various operating systems such as Windows Server, Linux Server, Apple OS Server, etc.


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