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AI driven Snotra
Application Predictive 
Performance Monitoring

 AI Robot for detecting, tracking anomalies, and simulating operational optimizations


System Monitoring AI Robot  AI-APM+

The AI Robot monitors real-time performance and anomalies

Accurately identifying where issues occur throughout the application.

Allows detailed visibility into common issues that occur during customer usage.

Autonomous identification of optimal operating periods, providing insights for improving customer usage methods.

Minimizing operational downtime through rapid machine learning diagnosis upon issue occurrence.

Quickly diagnosing performance issues and rapidly identifying the precise cause of the problem is crucial. Even a few minutes of downtime can result in customer losses, underscoring the need for swift diagnostics.

Virtual simulation during product development through digitized performance prediction

Providing useful virtual operational information before implementation to prevent quality issues during development. Monitoring and analyzing virtual traffic, identifying constraints, and errors. Simulating actual operational predictions based on digital twin technology.


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