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Gyeonggi-province, AI policy discovery begins in full scale... AI policy advisory group launched

A group photo of the Gyeonggi Province AI Policy Advisory Group appointment and meeting.

The policy advisory group is composed of a total of 10 private experts in various fields, including MINDsLab CEO Taejoon Yoo. The general manager was Ki-duk Kim, the Gyeonggi-do AI Industry Strategy Officer.

Gyeonggi-do operates the Gyeonggi-do Artificial Intelligence Policy Advisory Group, which is composed of experts, in order to accelerate the discovery of major policies for the development of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

On the 19th, Gyeonggi Province 1st Vice Governor Yongcheol Lee held a meeting and appointment ceremony for the Gyeonggi AI Policy Advisory Group at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office in the presence of 10 experts in each field of artificial intelligence.

The policy advisory group includes MINDsLab CEO YTaejoon Yoo, law, system, and ethics (Soyoung Lee, lawyer at Jipyeong Law Firm, R&D (Okki Min, head of the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), talent training (Song Jung, dean of KAIST AI Graduate School), cultural contents (Pilki Hong, Seoul). Digital University professor), financial distribution (Chaemi Kim, head of Korea Trade and Information and Communication Center), life service (Hyejoo Kim, managing director of Shinhan Bank), biomedical (Seungkyu Lee, vice president of Korea Bio Association), semiconductor display (Deasoo Han, CEO of EDCORE Co., Ltd.), mobility (Dongsoo Ahn, Kia) It is composed of a total of 10 private experts in various fields such as automobile department), etc. The leader was Kiduk Kim, director of AI industry strategy in Gyeonggi-do.

During their two-year term, they plan and discover new AI-related policies and materialize AI-related businesses, while coordinating and advising on matters that require multi-departmental participation and coordination due to the nature of AI technology.

The policy advisory group meeting is held frequently when there are major issues related to artificial intelligence, and the policy advisory committee plans to hold industry-university-research seminars for each issue to establish a network and materialize the business.

Lieutenant Governor Lee Yong-cheol said, “The importance of big data and artificial intelligence is growing even more during the COVID-19 outbreak, and it is expected to spread rapidly in the administrative and corporate sectors. As it is a homework assignment, we will actively reflect the opinions of the advisory group.”

In the first seminar held following the appointment ceremony, the direction of nurturing talents in Gyeonggi-do, which will lead the AI ​​era, and the plan for Gyeonggi-do biomedical service using artificial intelligence technology were discussed.

On the other hand, Gyeonggi Province signed an agreement with Gwangju and Busan on the 29th of last month to promote the 'Hyper-connected artificial intelligence healthcare platform establishment' project, and the Gyeonggi-do AI convergence service, where residents discover tangible artificial intelligence technology-based convergence services It is taking the lead in creating an artificial intelligence convergence ecosystem in the province, such as promoting a demonstration project.

Reporter Kwangmin Choi


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