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Bespin Global and EDCORE sign an MOU
for cooperation in AI and cloud and data business.

(From left) Vice Chairman Jo Min-sik of BESPIN GLOBAL, Representative Han Dae-su of EDIcore [Photo=BESPIN GLOBAL]

Bespin Global ( announced that Bespin has signed an MOU with Edcore (, a company that develops intelligent predictive systems, for 'artificial intelligence, cloud and data business cooperation'.


EDCORE, a company specialising in intelligent smart factory solutions, launched the Industry 4.0 smart factory intelligent real-time prediction system (Snotra VM) in May of last year. Edcore's real-time prediction system can predict real-time measurement results for dynamic processes that have been difficult in the manufacturing field through its own AI reinforcement learning algorithm. Based on these technologies and solutions, we are getting closer to autonomous process control automation as a virtual manufacturing information provider with a digital twin concept that accurately predicts the manufacturing environment in real time.

The two companies plan to cooperate with each other based on their core competencies and technologies. EDCORE will provide AI solutions, big data collection/transmission solutions, and specialised technologies, while Bespin Global will discover cloud and data lake technologies and global informatization business opportunities. Through this, the two companies plan to expand cloud and data lake businesses and expand AI and big data collection/transmission businesses.

Park Sang-hyeon, Head of E1 Business Unit at Bespin Global, said, “We are realising various businesses such as smart factories and digital twins based on manufacturing environments by collaborating with EDCORE’s AI technology and big data collection capabilities and Bespin Global’s cloud-based data processing technology. We plan to discover business opportunities that can advance into the market.”

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