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Leading the Development of Intelligent Smart Factory Solutions in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Smart Factory Division,

EDCORE Co., Ltd. Leading the Development of Intelligent Smart Factory Solutions in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


EDCORE Co., Ltd. (CEO Han Dae-su) is receiving attention for developing differentiated intelligent smart factory solutions in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


A smart factory is an intelligent factory that applies ICT to all production processes, including design, development, manufacturing, and distribution, to improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.


As the convergence of information and communication technology (ICT) with traditional industries accelerates with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the manufacturing industry is also undergoing changes. The wave of change is moving beyond simple factory automation and towards "smart factories" that are intelligent and autonomous. The smart factory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, characterized by ultra-connectivity, is a future-oriented factory that intelligently automates the entire production process. While past factory automation was at the level of robots performing predetermined tasks, intelligent autonomous factories operate intelligently based on intelligent information technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, with all factory equipment exchanging information with each other.


Han Dae-su, CEO of EDCORE, who worked for more than 30 years at Samsung Electronics and made history in the automation of semiconductor production factories, is a key figure. He led the development of real-time SPC systems, the world's first, in 1993, and the development of unmanned automation systems for semiconductor and display production in 1999, along with the development of MES for semiconductor production automation in 1990. He then founded EDCORE in 2016 with former Samsung Electronics employees and was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Korea ICT Convergence Association. Han Dae-su said, "There is no proper intelligent factory in Korea yet, and most factories called smart factories are still at the level of computerization and automation. We will upgrade the level of smart factories in Korea to a new dimension of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era by promoting a next-generation MES integrated intelligent smart factory solution that incorporates the latest information technology."


Han Dae-su, the representative of a company, is also considering a service that would cloud-enable the smart factory system developed by EDCORE and provide free next-generation MES for small and medium-sized enterprises. The representative explained that "although there are concerns that jobs will be lost when smart factories are implemented, in the AI era, people will do more creative work and new jobs will be created, increasing employment." EDICORE, which stands for "Extraordinary Delight to the CORE," has a goal of becoming a company that not only provides simple solutions but also develops and provides intelligent manufacturing equipment, with the slogan "Industry 4.0 Equipment."


EDCORE has a highly advanced intelligent automation platform for achieving intelligent factories and has a unique technology that refines manufacturing site data into the highest purity to easily and quickly digitize it. In addition, refined production control, process control, virtual measurement, and intelligent equipment on this platform are the latest automation concepts based on artificial intelligence. In 2017, EDCORE established a corporate research institute and was selected as the best company in the Ministry of SMEs and Startups' Startup Leading University and the Research Village (Industry-Academia Cooperation) and the Startup Growth Technology Development Business for its differentiated technological capabilities.


Currently, EDCORE is developing and distributing eight types of products, including the artificial intelligence engine "EDBrain" for intelligent MES, the artificial intelligence RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution "EDAR" (implemented with the technology "AAR" developed through the Research Village project), the intelligent prediction-based production automation platform "EDAP," and the Industry 4.0 equipment framework "EDTRA" for maximizing micro-processes and OEE (equipment efficiency).


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