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Ansan University and Edcore Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to operate a socially customised curriculum

The Department of Artificial Intelligence Software, Ansan University, Gyeonggi Province, announced on the 12th that it had signed an agreement to operate an on-demand curriculum with Edcore Co., Ltd. on the 7th and held a SW license donation ceremony for the machine learning ‘Snotra ML’ product.

Through the agreement, the Department of Artificial Intelligence Software at Ansan University will operate an on-demand training course for talent nurturing of AI, big data, and security convergence from the first semester of 2022.

The donated product this time is an Easy artificial intelligence software tool. It is a program that can be easily used by people without advanced algorithm development skills only with data refining technology. The goal is to nurture capable human resources.

Daesoo Han, CEO of EDCORE, said, “Through this agreement, we hope that the talents of Ansan University will advance their practical competencies and create synergy between companies and universities. In the future, EDCORE will also spare no effort to provide support so that students can learn based on practical examples and problem-solving capabilities.”

Deok-ryeong Kim, head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence Software, said, “I received a license to use machine learning Snotra ML, which is worth 320 million won, for free from Edcore. Through this, students were able to build a field mirror-type practice space through artificial intelligence technology.”

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