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EDCORE launches Smart Factory 'Real-time Prediction System (VM)'


‘EDCORE’, a company specialising in intelligent smart factory solutions, announced on the 12th that EDCORE has launched an innovative Industry 4.0 smart factory ‘Intelligent Real-Time Prediction System (Snotra™ VM, hereinafter ‘Real-Time Prediction System’).

EDCORE's real-time prediction system is a solution that can solve real-time measurement result prediction for dynamic processes, which was a difficult problem in the manufacturing site, through its own AI reinforcement learning algorithm.

An EDCORE official said, "The role of a 'Virtual Manufacturing Context Provider' with a digital twin concept that accurately predicts the changing manufacturing environment in real time."

In the case of semiconductor and display manufacturing, which are device industries that require large-scale investment, measurement is very important to maintain the competitiveness of ultra-gap products. However, due to site limitations (increased process time, sample measurement of less than 20%, etc.) and low accuracy of the existing measurement system (long-term analysis of the cause of low yield, insufficient rework rate improvement, SI redevelopment, etc.) I am facing the problem of not being able to connect.

According to the company, EDCORE developed a real-time prediction system to solve problems, autonomously detecting changes in dynamic objects at the manufacturing site and deriving causes in real time, autonomous self-learning, autonomous monitoring of predictive accuracy, and automating explainable AI.

In addition, it provides safe advanced process control and optimal smart factory OEE capabilities such as △reducing yield improvement lead time △reducing rework rate △smart sampling △real-time SPC/APC interworking of predictive data without manual DOE and coding.

EDCORE expects to diversify its customers in the intelligent smart solution business and increase sales by building a leading model for the Green New Deal smart factory. In the future, we decided to proceed with active marketing, such as promoting agency contracts and providing a Virtual Prototyping environment in connection with the website.

In addition, EDCORE plans to support the creation of an intelligent smart environment for small and medium-sized enterprises through AI-based intelligent smart solutions implemented in the cloud environment.

On the other hand, EDCORE was selected for the 2020 Small and Medium Venture Business Startup Promotion Center Startup Leap Package Support Project and is receiving professional customised support such as commercialization support and mentoring from the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center.


Reporter: Jongmin Ko (


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