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[Solace Webinar]
Efficient data utilisation depends on ‘event-driven architecture’ 

Solace and EDCORE introduce the importance of event-driven architecture at ‘Datanet TV’

Data after AI execution should be reflected in re-learning…

Event platform with simple structure and high stability is essential.

Provides sticky load balancing for personalised hyperconnected services… Ease of continuous scalability.

As we enter the 4th industrial era, efficient use of data is leading to competitiveness of companies. Companies that are already leading the industry are creating new business models while increasing productivity through activities such as linking various data and applying artificial intelligence (AI) based architecture is attracting attention.

Solace, a company specialising in message brokers, and EDCORE, a company specialising in smart factory solutions, presented an overview of event-driven architecture in the 'Event-Driven Architecture for AI-based Smart Factory and Connected Car' webinar with <Datanet TV>. Introduced the necessity and composition method.

Leveraging event meshes for smart AI learning
Daesoo Han, CEO of EDCORE, who was the first speaker, introduced the essence of 'Industry 4.0', a recent topic in the manufacturing field, and ways to achieve it under the theme of 'Artificial Intelligence-based Smart Factory Construction Plans and Cases'.

What the manufacturing industry is paying attention to is ‘Industry 4.0’, which aims to maximise overall equipment efficiency (OEE) such as non-stop equipments, maximum production, and zero defects. In the meantime, the manufacturing industry has achieved computerisation and automation of the production process through continuous quality innovation, but losses are still occurring.

Continuous engineering is continuing to reduce this, but it is true that it is difficult with human power alone. Every time a process changes, a new process must be designed and controlled, because excessive manual engineering not only increases costs but also has the potential to cause quality accidents.

Therefore, intelligent AI is recommended as a new quality innovation method. AI can analyse processes and create control models on behalf of humans, and the models can also be updated frequently according to changes in the environment. In order to improve the quality of AI, humans only need to discover various data and learn from it and cooperate with AI.

CEO Deasoo Han says, “AI learning is important to make smart AI. In addition to learning by data, re-learning reflecting real-time events after execution is required, and for this, multi-faceted event exchange is required.”

Solace's event mesh platform is characterised by a simple structure but strong performance and stability, and EDCORE uses an event platform with Solace technology in its smart factory solution.

Reporter: HyunKi Yoon


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