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On June 8, 2024, EDCORE and Pyeongtaek University held an AI platform software donation ceremony, where EDCORE donated its latest AI platform software to Pyeongtaek University to strengthen the university's AI research and education capabilities.

EDCORE is a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics, leading the industry by providing innovative AI solutions. The donated AI platform software is the latest version designed to integrate various AI technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, and data analytics, making it easy for users to utilize. This will enable Pyeongtaek University to apply cutting-edge AI technology to education and research to achieve higher levels of academic performance.

The signing ceremony was attended by officials from both sides, including EDCORE's CEO, Dae-Soo Han, and Pyeongtaek University's president, as well as the mayor of Pyeongtaek City and the head of Pyeongtaek City's Future Science Department. The event marked a significant milestone in the cooperation between EDCORE and Pyeongtaek University, and both sides showed a strong desire to promote mutual development through the agreement.

Beyond just donating software, the signing ceremony is an important opportunity to establish a long-term partnership with Pyeongtaek University. EDCORE plans to conduct joint research and projects with Pyeongtaek University, leading the advancement and innovation of AI technology. This will give students the opportunity to strengthen their practical technical skills, and both parties will grow together.

EDCORE promises to continue to contribute to improving AI technology and fostering talent in Korea through collaboration with various educational institutions. This agreement with Pyeongtaek University is just the beginning, and we look forward to achieving more through continued cooperation.

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