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Artificial Intelligence Hyper Automation Ecosystem

AI driven solutions take users to another level of automation; hyper automation for manufacturing Industry 4.0

AI finds a diagnosis and does

simulations in real time

24 hours.

Real-time predictions through AI self-learning.

AI recommends how to work optimally and control.

The artificial intelligence detects anomaly equipments.

AI manages micro health status reports and semiconductor equipments in real-time 24 hours a day.

The artificial intelligence executes manufacturing processes.

4th Industrial revolution equipment control & monitoring system.

Intelligent Automation Ecosystem


AI driven Snotra Hyper Automation Ecosystem

AI driven software solutions are ecosystem driven by Artificial Intelligence that autonomously optimises processes to maximise optimal OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiencies) in the  Smart Factory, Maximising processes to reach optimal OEE is the long cherished ambition of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 4th Industrial Revolution differs from automation era of the 3rd industrial revolution, where processes only predetermined rules, to present where autonomous automation that has ability to predict, make decisions, and take actions with artificial intelligence based on a big data. AI driven software solutions are AI autonomous operation ecosystem with differentiated AI (Machine Learning), AI VM (Virtual Metrology), AI APC (Advanced Process Control), and AI FDC (Fault Detection & Classification). Especially, AI FDC and SPC (Statistical Process Control) are applied with patented technology that allows them to be managed without the human intervention, and AI ML is a product that automates data scientist's tasks so that domain experts can use ML effortlessly without coding!

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