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Digital Twin

AI Robot based

Autonomous Operation Solution

Extraordinary Delight to the CORE

EDCORE's  AI-based Autonomous Operation
(AI Autonomy) solution is an innovative and diverse service that is unparalleled worldwide. All teams at EDCORE are working their hardest to provide smart results to their customers. If you need information about the solution or want to meet the EDCORE team,

please contact us.


EDCORE has a unified customer technical support system that combines domain knowledge and IT expertise in all industries, specialized organizations and personnel, and system construction to services. With the slogan 'Hyper Automation,' EDCORE provides all solutions to its customers. We understand our customers' opinions and requirements, and provide services that meet the needs of the changing times by analyzing information. EDCORE's AI-based Autonomous Operation solution for 'Hyper Automation' achieves innovative results.

Snotra AI Solution

Snotra AI Solution aims to find smart ways to create a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. We provide innovative solutions that reflect our customers' opinions and requirements. If you need information about Snotra AI Solution or would like to contact EDCORE's technical team, please feel free to request it at any time.

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EDCORE Featured Partners

Solace's high-performance messaging middleware solution optimized for various environments and platforms possesses the best technology for processing dynamic messages of globally distributed systems, including enterprise applications, big data applications, and IoT devices, in real-time, safely, quickly, and accurately. As the official Asia Pacific global technical partner of Solace for high-performance messaging middleware, EDCORE supplies it worldwide and has the largest number of Solace consultants in Korea, developing and executing various projects.


Global Official Partner

EDCORE is Asia Pacific's global official technology partner for high-performance messagin middleware  Solace  and  has the largest Solace consultant in Korea.

we are developing and carrying out various projects.

Solace Consultants possess specialized expertise in the PubSub+ platform, which is an event-based system. They use their knowledge of the Solace PubSub+ platform to plan, develop, and operate the PubSub+ Event Broker (both software and cloud-based) for event portals. Their expertise in event-based systems and the PubSub+ platform allows them to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients looking to implement this technology.



Cloud Messaging Service      Enterprise Architecture      Event-driven Architecture      Event Mesh

Integration      Message Broker      PubSub       PubSub+      Solace Messaging


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Presenting EDCORE's Snotra AI- Solutions



Snotra AI Solution

Did you know that Snotra AI Solution provides technology that enables easy operation and management of hyperconnectivity automation? This solution leverages artificial intelligence to intelligently and autonomously automate the entire production process, enabling real-time engineering based on intelligent information technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and big data processing. These technologies help manufacturing companies efficiently manage production processes and reduce costs.


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